Established in 2020, BioSpace  is a team of architects, designers, engineers and tradespeople with unique backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common – we have a passion to use our expertise and knowledge to design solutions that help the health, wellness, and science industries .

Here is our company’s vision, mission, and our core values which we strive for each day.


To serve the health, wellness & science industries with amazing spaces so they can help humanity to the best of their ability.


Biospace was founded to help create efficient, profitable, and beautiful spaces for the health, wellness, & science industries. Our unique single point of contact business model (architect-led construction) provides our clients with a stress-less design & construction team. Our sole purpose is to free up our client’s time so they can resume helping humanity deal with its health related problems.



Professionals within the health, science & wellness industries are deemed competent by society to serve humanity. We strive every day to serve them through our competency in the design & construction industry.


No one has the answers to all of life’s questions (well maybe Google does…) So we stay curious in everything we do because one day it can help us get through one of life’s problems.


Mistakes are welcomed for they are always the path to discovering a better way. Our daily learning regiment pushes us to learn every day.


Service is the DNA we instilled within our company for the benefit of our clients. Without it we would not exist.


If a business fails, everyone loses. We never want this to happen and work diligently to make every project a success so you can be one as well.


Trust is the bond between all good human connections. We stand by our word to build this trust so we can make every connection a great one.

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