Strategy Phase

Complimentary Consultation

Initial meeting via phone or video conferencing. May include a visit to the property. Information is gathered from you about your preferences, budget and preferred style and type of space.

Property Selection (if new)

Property acquisition and evaluation is the first step, if you haven’t already secured a property. We can help you with the analysis of properties that you may be considering and help figure out which best fits your needs and what limitations and restrictions may affect the design – such as location, zoning, occupancy, and existing building systems.


A unique Roadmap is created by us for you at no cost. This outlines the various steps of the design and construction process and gives an estimate of the construction costs as well as the estimated timeline, professional fees and any other important components, based on similar projects to yours.

Financing Options

Next we discuss financing options with the Client. We can refer you to commercial brokers who specialize in construction financing as well as permanent financing, who can educate you about your options. In some cases it may be possible to take out a low-cost loan against your current home (called a HELOC) to finance the architectural design process.

Design Phase


This consists of detailed information gathering from the client and may include images torn from magazines or idea books from Our experience has enabled us to quickly hone in on the unique “vibe” that each client possesses.

Schematic Design

This phase usually involves hand-sketching and design on the existing space. We develop one or more iterations which seek to best express the Client’s goals in Pre-design. We go through each possible option with the Client so they can fully understand each option’s pros and cons. We can also provide a 3d view of the project if you would like to get a better visual of the space before we proceed to the next design phase.

Green Building Features

Features such as high-efficiency HVAC systems, low VOC materials, and energy storage systems are discussed and possibly implemented if you so wish.

Design Development

Based on the approved Schematic Design we flesh-out the design and begin to refine the layout and develop a palette of materials. We prepare a preliminary cost estimate internally or with any contractor you prefer, and we speak with the Structural and Mechanical engineers to determine the most efficient and appropriate structural system. The final version of your space becomes more detailed and interior elements such as cabinetry and lighting are considered.