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Architect-led Construction

Simply put, BioSpace provides Architect-led Construction so we can design your space and then get it built.

Construction Management firms, like BioSpace Design, will oversee the entire design process from concept to completion. We make sure that our clients dream project is realized not just on the paper drawings, but with every nail, beam, post, and wall that is erected and when the project is finally complete.   As an Architect-led Construction Management firm we are your single point of contact for delivering an amazing design and construction of your project. From the benefits of a single line of communication to our in-house budgeting expertise, we provide you with a highest level of confidence in knowing you will get what you want which is incomparable to other architectural firms.

Why is Architect-led Construction is better?

Benefits of working with an Architect-Led Design Build Firm:


With open-book pricing, in-house expertise and constant updates, the building budgets are more realistic, reliable and no hidden fees.


An Architect-Led Design Build Team creates a single point of contact from day one because poor communication is project killer.


As designers we push the envelope to innovate and be inspired because we know what can be built.


We know what top construction quality is because we can design it for you.


One team from day one means a streamlined processes that saves time, money, and stress.

With our architect-led design build services, Biospace strives to provide our clients with a single point of contact from start to move-in.

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